The Schmorl’s nodule – treatment of the disease, which does not have any symptoms

The prolapsed disc of the Schmorl, which is also called the Schmorl’s nodule, that is a state without any symptoms, but it is a process when cartilaginous tissue of the disc fall into the body of the spinal canal. The Schmorl’s nodule also can be one of the symptoms of the Sherman’s disease. Such kind of prolapsed discs appear not rare under severe forms of a kyphosis.

GR-shmorlyaSuch states can be acquired by old people because of the age specific decrease of strength and density of bones. Young people can acquire this state after a directed strong vertical blow, and also under some diseases and while lifting some heavy things.

The thing is very simple – an intervertebral cartilage becomes stronger than a vertebra and forced into the vertebra. It is in fact microfracture of bony tissue of the vertebrae; it can happen with people who have weak and figurative bones (including vertebrae). At that the Schmorl’s nodule has no symptoms and can be discovered only with the help of X-ray control, and a patient may not even guess he/she has it.

People with the Schmorl’s nodule lose very early mobility in that part of the spine in which it appeared. As a result increases pressure on joints between vertebrae, it is the reason for early development of arthrosis of intervertebral joints. Also when Schmorl’s nodules are large there is a risk of occurrence of fractures and fissures of a vertebra under heavy physical activity, because the body of a vertebra in this situation becomes much weaker.

Causes of the Schmorl’s nodule formation

In the overwhelming majority of cases this disease has inherited character and is predetermined genetically. The second possible reason is too fast growth of a child – soft tissues stretch quickly, and bones tissues fall behind, and as a result in the body of a vertebra appear empty places. And to these empty places cartilaginous tissue is forced into.

Also the Schmorl’s nodule can occur because of low strength of vertebrae bone tissue. Strength and density of bone tissue depends a lot on the blood circulation, which becomes worse under any of the spine problems (round back and so on). Accordingly strength and density of the bones grow worse, which in combination with heavy physical activity will cause prolapsed discs.

A disease, which does not disturb you

As we have mentioned before, under this disease any symptoms are absent, this disease is a latent disease. It does not disturb a person absolutely, because it does not make any influence on nerve terminals. It is a structural change, which can be revealed only with the help of X-ray investigation. If a patient suffers from pain, the Schmorl’s nodule cannot be its cause; it is caused by something else, for example, by a spine static distortion or changes in the spine. That why, a patient who has a pain syndrome should undergo magnetic resonance tomography, it can identify the source of pains. It can be for example, a prolapsed disc, and it can cause a pain syndrome by compressing nerve terminals.

The only possible manifestation of this disease, it is a sensation of a weariness in the back. But even in this case, the source is in muscles, which have to spend more efforts for the problem area defence.

Is it necessary to treat the Schmorl’s nodule?

Vertical underwater traction of a spine for Schmorl's nodule treatment

Vertical underwater traction of a spine for Schmorl’s nodule treatment

This kind of disease, in spite of its serious name, does not constitute any serious danger to an organism. That why all treatment and therapy of the Schmorl’s nodule first of all is directed at prevention of a protrusion and a prolapsed disc formation in this place. Operative interference in this case is not necessary, neuropathologist or vertebrologist take care of such patients. To remove pain syndromes they prescribe analgesics and anti –inflammatory medicines, which can stop inflammatory processes, starting at the vertebrae discs; and the patient gets rid of pain.

Magnetic therapy and electrotherapy are applied for improving blood circulation of intervertebral discs and of the whole spine. Also under control for a spine column a patient takes a course water exercises, movement therapy and, manual therapy and massages. All procedures are aimed at a muscles corset strengthening, and besides this they try to restore mobility of spine by different methods.

Autogravitation method gives very good results under this disease; it is easier to describe as spine stretching. It gives an opportunity to bring the spine to its primary natural state. There are even some special exercisers, which look like couches, smooth movable tubes – ribs constitute its surface, and they remind the form of a spine. When a patient lies down on such couch, the ribs of the exerciser start to move gradually in different directions to the legs and to the head. Stretching force goes through skin and muscles to the spine, and in the result the spine is relaxed, stretched and vertebrae acquire mobility. Consequently, load is removed from the compressed nerves terminals and the blood circulation in the vertebrae discs is improved.

If a prolapsed disc appeared in the result of some trauma, then it is very important to use some means for skeletal system strengthening. Generally, that is Vitamin D in combination with calcium. It is possible to use different medicines of this type. But you should know that these medicines can affect kidneys and ligaments; under overdose of these medicines there is a risk to get gravels in the kidneys and to provoke calcination of the ligaments.

By no means unimportant is to remember, that targeted treatment of this disease gives an opportunity to avoid others much more serious diseases of a spine, which are accompanied with very serious pain syndromes. Active and healthy way of life by no doubts is the best diseases prevention.