Disc herniation. Treatment without operation

The disc herniation of the spine is a widely spread disease, the process of its treatment is not very difficult, but it is a very prolonged process. To cope with this disease is possible, but it is very important to establish a correct diagnosis in time. In this case treatment can be performed with minimum “losses” for the patient. Some people prefer traditional medicine and methods, believing that they will help them to cure.

Indeed, they often traditional medicine can cut the pain syndrome. But are the effective enough not to apply to a doctor? This question is not so simple as it can seem, so it is necessary to consider it more in details.

Non-operational treatment of the disc herniation, what is it?

pboGenerally, most of the diseases of the spine presuppose almost identical treatment. To tell the truth last time a number of new methods of treatment were developed, they use advanced technologies, sometimes they are very surprising, but their effectiveness is a matter of discussions, we should talk about them later. And now we are interested in the standard scheme of classical conservative treatment.

So, how should we treat the disc herniation if we want to avoid an operation?

First of all we should provide for the patient a bed rest for two or three days. After that it is possible to get down to the regime of limited activity and gradually, while recovering, to return to normal life style. But as in the cute period of the disease passive lying in the bed is not enough to cut the pain sensations, it is necessary to apply some medicine.

Medicines application as the first step of treatment

Pharmaceutical treatment of the disc herniation of the spine presupposes first of all application of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines. These particular medicines give an opportunity to remove inflammation and to reduce swelling. And in the result the compression on the nerve roots will decrease, and the pain syndrome will not be so intense. In this case medicines may be used in different forms, as injections so as pills. Injections are used if the pains are very intense, practically unbearable. In this situation it is possible to use anesthetics; usually they are applied in the form of blocks.  It is quite effective and powerful method, which can give to the patient relief from pains for quite a long period of time. To tell in other words, injections for the disc herniation treatment are used in the most complicated situations.  There is only one disadvantage, anti-inflammatory medicines influence the gastro-intestinal tract not in a very good way. So, it is their side effect while long period of their application; it is necessary to weigh their effects against their presupposed negative consequences. At the same time when we talk about the medicines for the disc herniation treatment, practically always we mean nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications.

Life is movement!

So, the pain syndrome is totally removed or taken under control. Many people consider the treatment to be fulfilled and they can return to their usual active style of life.  But it is absolutely incorrect, because particularly from this moment we should think about different methods of treatment of the disc herniation, because the task of all manipulations done before were to bring relieve to the patient’s life.

Movement therapy and massage are the most widely spread methods of the disc herniation treatment. They are quite old methods, well established and their effectiveness has been proved long ago. As we consider the diagnosis «the disc herniation of the spine», non-operative treatment must be complex and to comprise obligatory some modern methods:

  • High Intensity Laser Therapy (it decrease the herniation considerably)
  • Electrophoresis with karipazim (course for 30 days)
  • Laser therapy (Multiwave Locked System)
  • Hivamat device (pain will be remove during two sessions)

The point at issue is that the disc herniation will not disappear, the organism should adapt to it, to work out new movement stereotypes and etc.  Yes, there is a chance that the disc herniation in some time will be reabsorbed, but it is far from being a rule for all patients. In order to help the organism to adapt as soon as possible, some special exercises and massage are applied. They allow to bring to normal tonus the weak muscles and to relax overtired muscles, which were cramped. In the result the muscles corset functioning and ligament apparatus of the spine improves, and it gives an opportunity to prevent new protrusions and disc herniation formation.

Treatment of the disc herniation with the help of traditional medicine

pbo2Traditional methods of the disc herniation treatment have a wide variety of methods, but all of them are aimed at simple warming of the affected area of the spine. This really helps to decrease the pain syndrome for some time, because the blood circulation is improved after warming. But at the same time these methods have a number of disadvantages.

First of all, the disc herniation of cervical or lumbar part of the spine is the most often established diagnosis, treatment of which is the most complicated. The majority of the of present traditional methods are aimed at the disc herniation treatment in the lumbar part of the spine, particularly at removing the pain syndrome; in this part of the spine the disc herniation is formed more often than in other parts of the spine. But for treatment of the disc herniation in the cervical part of the spine this method is not applicable, because it is very difficult to warm the neck to an adequate degree, and at the same time not always it is possible to achieve the expected result.

The second problem is that the improvement of the blood circulation has only temporary effect, and there is a risk that in some period of time after warming the situation will be getting worse because of the increased swelling. People who tried to get rid of the disease by warming, for example, in the baths (so called Russian sauna) faced this problem.

That is why self-treatment of the disc herniation of the spine is an unrewarding and risky occupation. Yоu should consult a doctor before you start to apply traditional methods of the disc herniation treatment.

Which methods of treatment of this disease are apllied?

The best variant is to find some good health resort which specializes in the disc herniation treatment. In such health resorts, they usually employ educated and quite experienced specialists, and they can actually help you. Also in the health resorts they usually use all possible and proven methods of treatment, so results always meet your expectations. But frankly speaking the expenses will be quite high and not all people can afford such enjoyment.

The other variant, which is not cheaper, is to treat the disc herniation of the spine in China. It should be mentioned that widely advertised and popular method of treatment in this country is acupuncture, which effectiveness was not proved. The only effect of this treatment is the removal of pain and as we have already said before the decrease of the pain syndrome is not equal to full recovery.

One more method of a very disputable effectiveness is the treatment with the help of laser and hirudo therapy, but it is a separate topic for discussion.

Summarizing this article we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the most important on the primary stage of treatment is a correct diagnosis and professional treatment; but the most important thing is to prevent this disease formation.