Is acupuncture useful for the prolapsed disc treatment?

Acupuncture is one of the ancient methods of treatment of different diseases. Nowadays acupuncture is used for treatment of the prolapsed disc of the spine. In general this method is based on knowledges about a body constitution, nervous centres locations and the correspondent to them acupuncture points.

Nowadays this method is very often offered for treatment of osteochondritis, it is considered tha t the most optimal way of its use is in combination with massage. According to the specialists’ assurances, this method gives a good effect while spinal diseases treatment, because around the spine there are a lot of active points. On the other hand, there are no official data, that treatment of the prolapsed disc of the spine by acupuncture can be actually effective.

Let us get all this straightened out. What actually is this method of treatment?

Old Chinese medicine

akuOne of the underlying concepts of the old Chinese medicine is the concept of the vital energy, which flows in the body of a man by the certain channels. This energy is Qi (pronounced “chee”), is energy in the very broadest sense possible. It is assumed that this energy provides for normal functioning of all internal organs, flowing through them. And diseases appear because of its flow is disturbed or stopped.

There are more than thousand acupuncture points on the body of a person. It is considered, that by influence on these points it is possible to improve or to restore the flow of the vital energy to the concrete ill organ. The task of acupuncture is to reveal and to eliminate “stoppage” of the channels, by which the vital energy flows. When the vital energy flow is restored, a person recovers.

Contraction of the prolapsed disc

One the one hand this explanation is not scientific and it is not considered as a serious one. On the other hand, doctors confirm, that we do not know everything about the human body functioning, so, this concept has right to exist, particularly if this method has been used during more than several hundred years, and it has not been proved till now that it is not effective (it has not been proved either that it is effective).

The prolapsed disc disease is formed in the result of degenerative processes in the spine. Osteochondritis is usually the cause of these processes. The main characteristic feature of it is the displacement or leakage of the pulpal core, which takes place after the disc bulging and breaking of the fibrous ring.

The prolapsed disc is one of the mostly widely spread and the most difficult manifestation of the osteochondritis. When this happens, even teenagers can suffer from pains in the back and in the spine while physical activity. But usually these pains are ignored, and the disease is progressing gradually.

The disease informs about itself by the strong pain syndromes, and it has a very unpleasant feature to spread to the legs or to the hands. The pain syndrome appears, when a prolapsed disc starts to press nervous roots, which goes from the spine column. As a result the pain can spread along the whole irritated nerve.

Treatment of the prolapsed disc by acupuncture

aku2The first task of treatment is to arrest or to decrease considerable the pain syndrome. Under classical conservative treatment analgesics in combination with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, neuromuscular relaxants are prescribed. When the pain syndrome is arrested or decreased, the main task of treatment is to restore muscle corset and the ligamentous apparatus of the body.

Acupuncture treatment can successfully cope with the task to arrest the pain syndromes of different character. Acupuncture gives an opportunity while treatment of the prolapsed disc to remove swelling and inflammation, ensuring the removal of the nerve terminals compression. Only after this specialists can start treatment of the main disease.

The effectiveness of combination of acupuncture and medicament methods is often mentioned, it gives to achieve an immediate result. On the other hand, nobody can prove that the particular this method gave an additional pain arresting effect. In any case, it is necessary first of all to consult your doctor, to listen to his opinion. Do not forget that in any case of the disease a specialist, a qualified doctor is to follow you during the process of treatment. Otherwise you take a risk to receive the same disease, but in a chronic form.

Innovative acupuncture

aku3The progress is not at the same place, it concerns also such spheres as the methods of the old Chinese medicine. For example, acupuncture now is a little bit updated if to compare it with the original methods. Now, a low rate electrical impulse goes through a needle; it stimulates the points of acupuncture. These impulses are generated by a small specially designed device, which can work from usual batteries. Intensity and frequency of the impulses must be regulated by a specialist.

After the needle is introduced into the region of the spine, a patient experiences a sense of faint prickling. It means that the electrical impulses flow. Soon in the place of the needle introduction there is numbness, a faint dull ache, flow of warmth or prickling. Pay your attention the needles for acupuncture are introduced into the body for quite a long period of time from 15 minutes to an hour and a half. If it is necessary the needles are turned a little, it is done manually or with the help of warmth.

Acupuncture effects

Ignoring the back pain for a long period of time means that muscles during a long period of time are in spasmodic state. In the result of this state, degenerative processes can take place, and osteochondritis can be formed, and the prolapsed disc will manifest itself. Also the blood circulation can be disturbed in the affected region of the spine.

Curative acupuncture, performed by an experienced specialist, can give a positive effect already after several procedures; constant spasm of muscles will be removed or it will be less, consequently the pain syndrome will be arrested or it will be decreased. Gradually swelling will go away, and inflammatory process will be stopped.

But even under this effect you should not be glad beforehand, if you will not start to take care of your back, this effect will be just temporal.