Disc prolapse treatment by exercises

Almost all patients suffering from spine problems are recommended to do special physical exercises. Usually that is treatment by exercises or movement therapy for patients suffering from a disc prolapse, radiculitis and other spine problems.

Movement therapy is your best friend to kill spine problems

Movement therapy is your best friend to kill spine problems

The cause of almost all problems of joints (including spine) are their disturbed blood circulation and histotrophic nutrition along with excessive physical activities. Hypodynamia, physically demanding labor or excessive sports activities can provoke the abovementioned problems. But anyway the main seeds of the majority of such problems are tortoise and «sedentary» lifestyle, under such conditions muscles weaken and lose their ability to perform their direct functions, such as to keep spine. As a result it is excessively overloaded, and that is at the bottom of the majority spine diseases.

That’s exactly why, independently from all other prescriptions and instructions (massages, medicines, and as the last resort measure – surgery) for all patients suffering from disc prolapse or other spine problems of this sort, movement therapy is prescribed.

What’s the challenge of such movement therapy? As we have already mentioned, the main problem almost in all cases is weakening of spine muscles “corset”, and in its turn it leads to such diseases as disc prolapse of cervical spine. Movement therapy (gymnastics) in this case is aimed at strengthening of spine muscles “corset”, to bring it to its normal state.

For example, a disc prolapse is one of the most widely spread diseases nowadays. Movement therapy of this type of disease comprises performing light bending and unbending exercises, including also spine sprain exercises. In addition to the above all exercises should be performed slowly and gently. This kind of movement therapy gives an opportunity to “warm up” muscles and to improve histotrophic nutrition of joints.

Individual attention should be paid to such nasty disease as disc prolapse of cervical spine. Movement therapy is considered to be necessary in this case also, since it is considerably effective treatment for early stage of this disease. But cervical spine is much more “capricious”, and it is not always possible to correct all its problems exceptionally with the help of movement therapy.

Generally, an individual complex of exercises should be prescribed for every sickness case for every patient. Exercises for this complex are selected and formed so as to influence the problematic part of spine muscles “corset” and spine itself. In these circumstances it is very important so that physical exercises do not bring pain or cause discomfort, because in that case they can do true harm to already mutilated spine. As you have already understood, this is a very “custom-shaped” thing – movement therapy for disc prolapse treatment. Movement therapy video you can view below, but before starting to do these exercises you should consult a doctor by all means!

And in our turn we shall draw you an example what is the most popular movement therapy for disk prolapse like.

What exercises, activities you should do?

  1. Swimming. It is a very useful, substantially necessary component of movement therapy. In water spine keeps always in correct position and compression decreases. And at the same time swimming allows to involve all groups of muscles, excellently training spine muscles “corset”. Hence try to swim as more often as possible, giving preference to swimming on your back or swim the crawl.
  2. Take a backless stool, put it on the floor and place a pillow onto the stool. Lie on the pillow, your belly down so that your body bends precisely in the problem part of the spine. Relax and breathe calmly with top part of your breast. As a result you stretch your spine and “corset” muscles.
  3. Go around perimeter of your room on all fours. Pay attention that your back is straighten and your hands are straight.
  4. Resting on the floor, on one side (first on the right side, then on the left side) twist your body moving your hips frontwards, and breast backwards. Put some bolster under your problem part of spine (this exercise can be recommended for all patients).
  5. In position resting on your back on the floor you should point your toes to you touching the breast. This exercise is aimed at spine muscles “corset” strengthening.

Movement therapy for strengthening joints and muscles

  1. Standing on all fours you should lift simultaneously opposite hand and leg. Fix this position for several seconds.
  2. Lie down on your back, bend legs in knees. You should lift and fix in this position pelvic part of your body.
  3. This exercise is known to many people as «boat». Lie down on your belly try simultaneously to lift as high as possible your upper and lower parts of the body, your belly must stay on the floor. Physically the exercise is very difficult, but it is very good for training spine muscles “corset”.

Doing this exercises remember a good old joke – as much time you spend to get your disc prolapse so much time you need to do exercises to get rid of it. Besides exercises of movement therapy, some yogic exercises, exercises from other healthy sports practices may be very useful. But your attitude to these practices must be very serious and you can apply them only following your doctor’s recommendation. You are not to overload your spine or stretch it excessively otherwise you run a risk to get progression of your disease instead of remedy.

Besides, movement therapy will be very effective in combination with massage. Thus in most prescriptions made by a doctor, massages are included into the complex of treatment of such diseases.