5 methods that may help to prevent a herniated disc

Among numerous neurological problems the leading position is occupied by the herniated disc. In this case a serious deformation of the fibrous ring of the intervertebral disc can be observed, and here a rupture happens. Through this rupture some part of the nucleus pulposus is bulging, and as a result the patient experiences discomfort and acute pain. In general, people from 25 years and older suffer from the described above disease. People can live with this problem for many years and decades not knowing about its existence. This deformation is considered to be one of the nastiest forms of osteochondritis. Among the complications of the herniated disc we can name partial of full loss of ability to work or even invalidity.


Neurologists have one opinion that the main hazard of this disease is spinal stenosis, which causes pressure on the spinal nerves and as a result there is inflammation of the spinal membranes and the spinal nerves. Due to this paralysis of lower limbs muscles happens, there is also pelvic organs malfunction, and sensitivity decreases.

Modern neurological centers in major cases accept patients with the herniated discs on the extensive-stage of the disease, when people move with difficulty and they cannot perform some elementary activities. After all, if they had applied to a specialist in time they could avoid the problem!

Preventative measures of a herniated disc

Among the basic preventative measures of a herniated disc the specialists distinguish between 5 essential methods.

  • Method №1 – moderate and regular physical activity. Simple physical exercises will keep the spinal axis in correct direction. Also it is recommended to perform regularly a “spine traction”», hanging on a horizontal bar or with the help of swimming.   Specialists in the sphere of remedial gymnastics insist that for people older than 30 years regular sports activity is obligatory.
  • Method №2 – correct matress. It is necessary to find a matress with medium or high degree of hardness, on which the muscles corset will be placed proportionally. It is strictly forbidden to sleep on leather sofas and old beds. Once you have saved money on a qualitative matress in the age of maturity you will pay for your health very seriously.
  • Method №3 – optimal products consumption with high content of calcium and  vitamin С. Milk, cheese, citrus fruits, apple, natural fresh juices will help to improve fluid-and-electrolyte balance and to provide optimal functioning of  muscles  tissues. It is not recommended to drink excessively coffee, it is better to substitute it for herbal tea, which is much more useful and not less tasty!
  • Method №4 – regular preventative massage. In order to choose the specialist and kind of massage you can arrange a visit to a neurologist. An expert will compose a preventative course of massage and give you sound recommendations.
  • Method №5 – quitting bad habits. A liver generates collagen fiber, which is a compound of intervertebral discs. Consequently smoking, alcohol consumption, and unhealthy diet early or later will lead to the damage of the intervertebral discs of the spine.

Also experts recommend to reinforce regularly the immune system, to avoid stresses, do not keep one and the same posture for a long time (for example, sedentary work, driving), to wear shoes of good quality with good arch supports. Wearing shoes with high heels provokes development of spine diseases.

We should pay attention to the state of the spines of our children. Early scoliosis prevention in schoolchildren will help to form a correct posture at the time when cartilage tissue of the vertebrae is still elastic and it is possible to make some corrections. Sound sleep, good food and optimal physical activity constitute a base of prevention of the herniated disc and many other diseases.