A slipped disc during pregnancy

A slipped disc – is a widely spread and downright unpleasant disease for the patient, because it is accompanied with quite strong pains. But fortunately, schemes of treatment of this disease have been tried and tested long time ago and in most cases it is possible to avoid an operation. But it is quite a different story after a long awaited pregnancy announcement, and a slipped disc occurs at the same moment. Usually there appears a question “what should to be done?” Patients are afraid to take a standard drug treatment, because some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, which are used for a prolapsed disc treatment, can do harm to the child. But it is impossible to leave the problem without attention, because the situation is getting worse every day.

Is it necessary to treat or a slipped disc or not?

A slipped disc and pregnancy are the things, combination of which is not good. In some or other way, but the slipped disc should be treated; the problem cannot be left without settlement, otherwise the patient can be confined to bed in the truest sense of the word for indefinite period of time. Furthermore, during pregnancy the load on the intervertebral discs increases constantly, because the weight is constantly gaining and a baby is growing, so there is no reason to hope that compression on the nerve terminals will disappear on its own.

gr-berBut first of all in this situation you are to be sure, that you really deal with the slipped disc, or the situation is easier and it is not so dangerous. For this purpose you should consult a doctor, who will send you for magnetic resonance imaging. And if the slipped disc will be confirmed, the doctor will prescribe a proper treatment taking into consideration your pregnancy.

In this situation a process of getting the pain syndrome under control can be a little bit longer than usually, because those medicines, which can effectively remove this problem, are not recommended to be used during pregnancy. So, the doctor must make do with what he has, even to apply some folk remedies, they will give some effects, but not so fast as it is desired.

It is supposed in the above-mentioned situation, that the slipped disc occurs before pregnancy or during its early terms, when you have some cushion of time. A little bit more complicated is the situation when the slipped disc occurs during pregnancy or during its late terms, in the result of increased pressure on the intervertebral discs. In this case, the task of the doctor is much more complicated, and for disease treatment there must be applied complexes of drug-free procedures which can help not only a mother but also her child.

Why does a slipped disc occur?

gr-ber2This question is interesting for many people, but nobody thinks than the word “suddenly” or “unexpectedly” could be hardly used for a slipped disc description. This is the problem which cannot arise just in one moment under influence of one negative factor; during quite a long period of time process of the disease development had been on, before a slipped disc occurred, in this case it is osteochondritis. How often does a woman before getting pregnant think about healthy eating, sufficient physical activity, and spine disease prevention? According to human psychology, we think about a disease only when it starts to ache, consequently unpleasant problems can manifest itself in this very critical period. Indeed the disease is already developing, but it was not revealed and nothing was done to prevent its development. And when the intervertebral discs start to get additional serious load (and every day more and more load), occurrence of the slipped disc is just a matter of time.

At some certain moment a disc cannot bear the load any more, and under condition there is protrusion already, we get a full-bodied prolapsed disc. Particularly, there is serious load on the spine during the last terms of pregnancy every day and it is constant, especially if you used to work about the house in a slightly bent posture. In this posture the load is maximum possible, and even muscles are getting tired after some time under this posture.

How often may it happen?

In the past the osteochondritis and the disc herniation were considered to be the diseases of aged people and young people suffered from it in very rare cases. But nowadays these diseases are getting considerably “younger”, now a pregnant woman with a disc herniation is not a surprise, it is not considered like something extraordinary. Generally, there is not any surprise, because the majority of modern people have a sedentary life-style, which is in combination with unhealthy nutrition and very rare and excessive physical activity. In general  “full complex” necessary for the osteochondritis development and for formation of the disc herniation.

To make a conclusion is simple. You should pay more attention to your health; it will be useful for you and for your baby. You should regularly go for walks in the open air; such load will be sufficient in order to prevent occurrence of the diseases.

Separately you should pay your attention to healthy diet, consult your doctor, who can suggest you some diet and certainly he can chose for you some every day complex of physical exercises.

If you sit during the whole working day, do not forget to make some breaks every hour, you can stand up, walk for a while, and «stretch your legs». Besides, after such breaks it is much easier to work.